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How the Heck Do You Dress for Your Shape!

I don't know if any of you are like me, but sometimes it feels like wearing a paper sack would be less painful when trying to find clothes that fit and I don't have to tug and pull ALL DAY LONG! Seriously, who has time for that. 

There are days that I just wear a t-shirt and jeans because I don't want to worry about it being to short, too tight (that's a big one for me having a lovely mom belly) or just not comfortable. And then I see other women that look like they just walked out of Target magazine. I'd like to say a Sacs Fifth Avenue, but here in Idaho Target is a main shopping source for our family! I love Target, anyways getting off track a little here! 

So how do you dress for your shape beside wearing a t-shirt to cover any area that is not model flat and no cellulite? I think the first step is figuring out your true shape. I say true shape because I think I am shaped more like a hourglass but then I look in the mirror and realized I am shaped more like a rectangle/diamond. Broad shoulders, no hips and a mom belly with little legs! My body is mine and I love it the way it is and I do everything I can to keep my body healthy mind, body and spirit. So yes,  there are days that I struggle with the mom belly but other days its just a belly!


So look in the mirror.... which shape are you? Are you more than one shape? Tell yourself that you love you! Now lets look as some examples for dressing shapes!

Triangle/Pear Shape: Shoulders that are narrower than the widest part of your hips. And you have a defined waist. Dresses that are good for your shape A-line and ball gown.


Inverted Triangle Shape: Your shoulders are wider than your hips and no defined waist.  A-line or Empire dresses or something that gives you more hip and defines your waist.

Rectangle Shape: Bust and hips are basically the same and your waist is slightly smaller. A-line dresses are great for this shape with a gathered waistline or something with a cute tie!

Hourglass Shape: Your bust and hips are the same with and your waist is defined. Styles that define your shape A-line, empire, sheath, ball gown and mermaid.

Diamond Shape: Waist is wider than bust and hips. You want to elongate the body. Styles that add definition to your upper body and chest like empire and sheath.

Rounded/Oval Shape: Large bust, narrow hips and full midsection. You want to elongate the body. Styles that are good sheath or a-line dresses.

I hope this helps make your dress and clothes finding experience a little less painful! Again, remember to Love who you are and find clothes help you feel that same kind of love! 









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