Book a Shopping Experience

Do you want to shop but your not sure what size? Or how the clothes will fit? Or will they fit? I know these are questions that we have all asked ourselves while doing some online shopping. 

So to make your life easier we will bring the shopping to you! I know right? Delivery shopping it can't get any better. Here's how it works.

Pick how you want to shop: 

1. Style box: We send you 8-10 items based on your color preference, size and what your looking for. (We may through in a few surprise pieces). We send the box to you and you have 2 days to look, try one and decide. After 2 days you will need to send back everything you do not want to keep. And we will send you an invoice for the items you are not willing to let go of (or in other words your buying). 

2. You can set up a personal time to come to our store and shop. Its based on appointments only and you can book 1-2 hours. 

3. We bring the clothes to your house. You can invite your friends over and have a party while trying on clothes! (A Pop-Up Boutique). You can even get in store credit if you reach a total number in sells from your party. 

Pretty simple! 

Now all you need to do is email us at: or text/call 801-400-4525 and tell us how you want to shop.