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How Does it Fit?

Clothes that are designed with your tweens, teens and girls in mind. They wanted to give something to you that made shopping fun and exciting! Clothes that are age appropriate, in style and comfortable are hard to come by so I'm are glad your looking today. 

The sizes are 6-16. I have a daughter that is 4 that normally wears a 5t and she wears a 6 in the dresses. The shirts a still a little big on her. My 9 year old wears the 8's and they fit her great. And I normally wear a Medium, (34D) in women's and I can wear some of the 16s and the Ashley and Elizabeth dresses. 

The Maxi Dresses are extremely stretchy and are beautiful on many different sizes. 







So if your unsure what size please email us so we can help you find what will work for you or your daughter.